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Anxiety Disorders

GAD,Specific anxiety, agoraphobia, social anxiety Health anxiety hypochondriasis, excessive worry, fear, Increasing heart rate, shortness of breathing, sweating and feeling tired. Management Mindfulness, psychotherapies, cognitive behavioral therapy, vivo, implosive, flooding, exposure therapy Relaxation training mindful breathing exercises and techniques apply under therapist supervision.



It is complex condition, involving many systems of the body including immune system. Disrupts sleep and appetite. Weight loss, Weight gain occured accompanied by anxiety. Mental state of low mood, suicidal Ideation, aversion to activity, hopelessness, worthlessness, crying spells, Depression affects your thoughts ,behavior, feelings and sense of wellbeing.



Experience unwanted Repeated thoughts, urges, feelings, images, or sensations cause anxiety, and engage in behaviors or mental acts that one feels compelled to do in response to an Obsessions on strict rules . OCD resorts thought compulsions such as washing,rearranging or counting objects seeking reassurance or checking . CBT, Exposure and response prevention . Individuals learns to not engage in habitual compulsions


Psychological Stress

Acute stress disorder marked by dissociation,subjective sense of numbness detachment and absence of emotional responsivenesss . management refers to the wide spectrum of therapeutic techniques and psychotherapies, JPMR relaxation training, desensitization and reprocessing EDMR.


Adjustment disorder

It is an abnormal and excessive reaction to stress that involve negative thoughts strong emotions and changes in behavior. These stressor s are most commonly related to marital discord, finances, or problems at work. The stressor is more severe than would normally be expected and can result in significant impairment in social, occupational, or academic functioning and at work.


Marriage and Family therapy

Focus on communication, coping skills,constructive problem solving, understanding and handling special family situations and creating a better functioning home environment. Build trust and strengthene healthy relationship in the family system , It can also help that specific behavioral conditions,such as substance abuse disorder or oppositional defiant disorder.



ADHD often begins in childhood and can persist into adulthood. It may contribute to low self-esteem,oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, troubled relationships and difficulty at school or work. Symptoms include limited attention and hyperactivity. Behavioral training interventions emphasize reinforcement by parents/teachers of attentive behavior, adherence to rules. Strengthening social skills.


Student Problems

Educational backwardness, Lack of interest, concentration, attention, forgetfulness.
Learning Disorders
Dyslexia : Brain based neurological disorder that effects language processing , trouble recognizing words and reading . Dyscalculia : Problems with arithmetic and math concepts. Dysgraphia : A writing disorder resulting in illegibility Dyspraxia (Sensory Integratin Disorder): Problems with motor coordination Central Auditory Processing Disorder : Difficulty processing and remembering language-related tasks. Non Verbal Learning Disorders : Trouble with nonverbal cues, eg. Body language; poor coordination,clumsy.


Anger management

Anger is frequently result of frustration or of feeling blocked. Anger management involves learning to understand one's anger and developing skills to cope with it. Identifying what triggers anger,strategies for prevention and mitigation, and skills to communicate and solve problems.



An excessive and Irrational fear reaction. Phobias can interfere with work, school and personal relationships.
Agoraphobia ;escape from open places and situations. Avoid social situations altogether and stay inside homes.
Social phobia; Extremely worry about social situations and it can lead to self-isolation.
Glassophobia; Fear of speaking in front of an audience .
Acrophobia; Fear of heights Avoid mountains, bridges, or the higher floor of buildings. Some other Phobias are

Avoid Phobias,Dentophobia,
Ophidiophobia etc,.


De addiction

Chronic, relapsing disorder. Compulsive substance use weed, Marijuana, alcohol, recreational drugs seeking behavior and use despite diverse consequences. Eliminate the substance from the body and manage the physical discomfort,drug cravings, and Psychological distress. Management by the application of Built in structure and schedule, addiction education, individual psychotherapy, group therapy, family, therapy, Self controlling, Management, Assertive ,Social and life skills training .


Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are ingrained rigid ways of thinking and behaving that result in impaired relationship with others and often cause distress for the individuals.
Cluster A personality disorders are characterized by odd accentric patterns of thinking, such as extreme social detachment, distrust and unusual beliefs Cluster B personality disorders feature unstable emotional states and erratic behavior which can involve aggression toward or manipulation of others.
Cluster C personality disorders; anxious or fearful patterns of thinking and relationship.Management by Psychotherapies CBT,DBT,Multisystemic therapies and psycho social education .


Psychologist Vizag : B.RAMA MURTHY M.Sc (Psychology)

PGDGC(Counse & Guidance),MS,PGDEM,DAFE(Family Education),
CPH(Public Health), Life Memeber Acadamy Of psychologists.
Ex.counsultant of Govt.Juvenile Welfare Department(CHB).

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